Story of Week 4, in Jadu Fellowship.

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Time flies, It’s already a month with Jadu Family and that’s sad how we’re left with only three months.

This is the story of week 4 in Jadu Fellowship. Make sure to read till the end as it’s going to be interesting.

Week 4, Class 1

This week we learnt about “Git and Github”, the most important things for a developer.

We covered

Installing Git:

You can easily install git on you windows or Mac OS just like any other software. Just visit this link and follow the steps and you’re good to go. If you already have it install and you want to check then all you have to do is.

  • Open CMD
  • Type git
  • Press Enter.
  • If you see something like this then Congrats you already have it downloaded and you’re ready to use it.

Now lets discuss about “Git Flow” and what these commands actually do.

Step 1:

“git init” command is use to initialize a git repository. A repository is where you push all of your projects.

Step 2 :

Once you have initialized a repository then type “git add <filename>” to move your file to staging area (waiting area). If you want to add all of your files then type “git add .”.

Step 3:

Once you’ve moved your file to staging area and have made some changes to it type “git commit -m “about the changes you’ve made”” then press ENTER.

  • You can type git status to check if your file is successfully moved to staging area.

Step 4:

Type git remote add origin <remote-repo> to link local repository with Remote repository.

Step 5:

Finally, Time to push your project type git push origin <branch name> and you’re done.

Here is an over view of all the basic commands you need as a noob like me of course :D.

You can also check this Git cheat sheet for reference.

Now, let me tell you guys about my experience with all this Git and github. Honestly, If you’re doing this for the first time you will definitely face a lot of issues and you might feel the urge to just throw your folder directly in repository rather then typing all these commands, same was the case with me I got confused with these commands but not anymore I guess.

After the session I practiced these commands with my Tribe members and we decided to push our projects together so we can help each other out if anyone get’s stuck.

And yes I got stuck, but my Tribe members didn’t leave me until my project was successfully pushed. I would’ve never been able to do that alone and surely would’ve end up doing that by drag and drop. But now I can say that I can work with these commands.

Thought I’m still not a pro but at least better than I could’ve ever been on my own. That’s the power of Teamwork.

Week 4, Class 2

Favorite session of the week is here.

This week it was about “Googleyness” cool word right? It’s basically the set of qualities you should have if you want to work in google.

but Why Google?

Because, they have smartest people in the world all together in one company having one thing in common that is “value system” nothing in this world is possible without value system, and they all thrive on one value system that is “Googleyness”.

Below is the list of qualities i.e Googleyness.

  • Keeping an eye on the goals
  • Striving for excellence.
  • Being proactive.
  • Going the extra mile.
  • Doing something nice for others, with no strings attached.
  • Being friendly and approachable.
  • Valuing users and colleagues.
  • Rewarding great performance.
  • Having a sense of humor.
  • Lead like you want others to Lead.

Evaluate yourself and check do you have what it takes to be a part of Google.

Week 4, Class 3

Time for the last class of the week the Technical one.

We continued learning some advanced CSS and how to make a Responsive design.

We covered:

  • CSS Grids
  • Media Queries

You’ll find everything about them on internet I’m not writing the details here rather I’ll write about my experience.

After learning these we (The Tribe) decided to work on project and we are still working on it I also stayed up whole night for it :’) and It’s the most productive I’ve ever been ;D let’s see how the final design will look like I’ll surely share the link here.

That was all for the week let’s see how I’m gonna manage all the work load with my exams from next week, will let you guys know in upcoming blogs.

Till then, Take Care and Thanks for reading :)




I share what I learn.

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I share what I learn.

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